Tumble Tots

Friday mornings during term time only.

09:40GYMBABES (6 months to walking)
10:35Walking to 2 years
11:352-3 years
12:453 years plus

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Tumble Tots @ Paxcroft MeadMy name is Debbie Bensley, I have two children and live in Bath.  I took over Tumble Tots in July 2010.  I am a qualified Nursery Nurse (NNEB) and have worked in a variety of settings including Education, Health and Social Services.  Both my children Honor, who is 6, and Samuel, 4 years, started in the Gymbabes class at Odd Down, Bath and have progressed through the Tumble Tot classes until leaving to go to school.  After 6 years being a parent of a Tumble Tot I am enjoying my new challenge of running Tumble Tots.  I have inherited a well established and experienced team of staff, two have been with Tumble Tots for over six years.

Tumble Tots @ Paxcroft Mead
Tumble Tots opened in Trowbridge 4 years ago and we currently run four classes on a Friday morning at the Paxcroft Mead Community Centre.  Classes start at 9.40am with our Gymbabes class which is the first stage of the Tumble Tots programme and babies can start at 6 months.  They stay in the Gymbabes until they are walking confidently then they progress into the walking to 2 year class which is run at 10.35pm.  This is followed by the 2-3 year class at 11.35pm and the 3 to school age at 12.45pm.

Parents are actively involved in the programme under the age of 3 but the 3 year olds come in on their own. Each session combines fun, excitement and challenge in a safe and caring environment.  All sessions use unique equipment and are run by specially trained leaders. Classes are individually structured to help your child to explore and develop vital physical skills and confidence needed for later life.

‘I believe that the Tumble Tots programme aids children in all stages of their development. And it's such fun! It's great for parents too.’

Tumble Tots Bath is a member of the UK national physical play programme for pre-school and early years children.
Our sessions are designed to provide a structured environment where children from crawling through to seven years can have fun and build self-esteem and confidence through:Tumble Tots @ Paxcroft Mead

  • Developing their physical skills of agility, co-ordination and balance
  • Developing their language skills with action songs and rhymes

Child psychologists and educators agree that a structured developmental program in movement should be part of every child's education.  All young children need to grow, to learn and to move at whatever rate they find comfortable. Tumble Tots gives children the confidence and opportunity to experience joy and satisfaction in a safe and challenging environment.
Since its inception in 1979, close to a million children throughout the world have benefited from the Tumble Tots programme.  In the UK there are 400 centres.